Hometown Health

Every other Tuesday, the staff from Sanford Worthington Medical Center joins the Highway Patrol to talk about the latest in health topics. Whether it is Heart Healthy Month, time for a flu shot or you're looking for the expert to manage your health, listen in on the best advice and information Sanford has to offer!

Hometown Health October 8th

Bryan Hagen, Pharmacy Manger at Sanford talks about getting your flu shot.

Sanford Hometown Health September 17th

Joel Krekelberg from Sanford talks about what he does for Sanford as an athletic trainer.

Sanford Hometown Health July 9th 2019

Brooke & Alisa talk about Occupational Therapy at Sanford Worthington

Hometown Health June 11th 2019

Kyle Rockwell Rehab Manager at Sanford Worthington talks about rehab services.