Celebrations around the World Interview

Le Lucht invites all to the Mn West Worthington campus this Friday night from 5p-8p for "Celebrations around the World"!

Vet On Call for December 12th

On today's Vet On Call from VMC and Prairie Livestock Supply, Dr Connie McNaab invites all to a BQA certification meeting in January.

Hometown Health for December 11th

Dr. Kevin Ree from Sanford Worthington talks about stomach flu

Winfield Radio with Denny Weber for Dec 11

On today's Winfield Radio with Denny Weber from New Vision Coop. 24D beans are available for 2019 planting, dependent on China approval.

Market Talk with Dan Uttech for Dec 10

Dan Uttech thinks the Tuesday USDA report may give some direction for the trade this week